Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Tears of joy as grateful residents give jobless cleaner a 4-bedroom apartment .

 One good deed deserves another. Rosa, a cleaner who works in the US, has grateful residents to thank for her new spacious home. 


She started off the year dipped in worry, debt and uncertainty after losing her job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But every smile, every hallo, every kind gesture she did in the past came back to her tenfold. 

The simple woman, whose savings were depleted in 2020, ended up living with a relative after lacking enough money to afford her own place. 

Residents from the building she worked in decided to pull resources and make her life a bit easier. They paid for a beautiful four bedroom apartment that came with hardwood floors, huge windows, a sizeable living room and great closet space. It was actually the largest apartment in the building. Initially, Rosa thought she was taken to the house to clean it for prospective clients who were expected to view it. 

So she marvelled at every inch of the home as the building manager gave her a tour. Then, she was handed the keys, a two-year lease and told that the home was hers. The cleaning lady broke into tears as she thanked her loyal customers for thinking of her and her family. Read more: httcleaner-a-4-bedroom-apartment.html

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