Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Ondo Pastor ‘buys’ baby for N10,000

 An Ondo- based Pastor identified as Olawale but popularly called Eri Aditu has helped to save a day old baby in the Ondo West Local Government area by offering to buy the baby for N10,000.

The Nation

The mother of the baby, Seun Oladayo, had wanted the baby to die after delivering but her brother alerted Pastor Olawale, who paid for the baby and later officials of the Ondo State Security Network known as the Amotekun Corps.

The mother of the baby, Oladayo, who claimed to be 22 years, had cut the umbilical cord but for the timely intervention of Pastor Olawale the baby would have died.

Oladayo confessed that she sold the baby because there was no money to cater for it.

She said the father left her the day she informed him that she was pregnant.

It was gathered her family forced the baby out as it was not up to 36 weeks by giving the mother some drips and bursting the fluid in the womb.

The doctor that did the job of flushing the baby out was to be paid N5000 out of the N10,000.

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