Thursday, January 14, 2021

Man Drives Into Dam After Following Google Maps Directions

 An Indian man has drowned after driving his car into a dam while allegedly following Google Maps Navigation directions.


According to the report by Indian Express, Satish Ghule, 34, was driving his employer Guru Shekhar, 42, and his friend Sameer Rajurkar, 44, on Sunday in Akole town, Ahmednagar district in the state of Maharashtra. The outlet reported the trio they were going for a trek at Kalsubai, Maharashtra’s highest peak.

While driving towards Kalsubai, they lost their way and sought directions from Google Maps. The navigation showed them a way that included a bridge that remains underwater for about 4 months after the authorities release the water from the Pimpalgaon dam. However, the information was not updated on the Google Maps so there was no warning on the maps, Cartoq, India auto content company reported.

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