Wednesday, January 6, 2021

France’s COVID Vaccine Rollout Is Going So Slowly It’ll Take 3,000 Years

 More than a week after France’s COVID-19 vaccine campaign was launched, only a few thousand people in the entire country have received their first injection, with President Emmanuel Macron’s vaccination strategy widely criticized for being flawed, too slow, and pandering to anti-Vaxxers.


Only 516 people in France had received their first vaccine dose as of Jan. 1, according to the independent website Covid tracker, compared with 114,000 in Italy, 238,000 in Germany and more than one million people in the U.K. That figure is now reportedly “over 5,000”, but the Ministry of Health has yet to confirm the exact number. If the French vaccine rollout’s objective of one million vaccinations by the end of January is to be reached, 36,000 jabs must be carried out each day.

In interviews with The Daily Beast, French doctors have blasted the country’s approach to the vaccine rollout, singling out “misjudged” policy decisions, a lack of information communicated to health workers, and a lack of preparation.

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