Thursday, January 7, 2021

Family Agrees To Leave Hospital Ward After Squatting There For Six Years

 A Chinese family recently agreed to move out of a Beijing hospital after staying there for six years due to a financial dispute with the medical institution.


The family came in contact with the hospital in 2014 when a man surnamed Tian was admitted there with symptoms that included nausea, vomiting and unsteady gait.

He came to the hospital accompanied by his parents with complaints of nausea and vomiting for two months. When the time came for him to be discharged, Tian learned that he had to pay for his stay, so he accused the hospital of administering him an inappropriate treatment and refused to leave.

The family then turned Tian’s hospital room into their home, bringing in pots and pans and filling the place with groceries and other personal belongings.

The hospital made several attempts to eject them but they refused to budge and event spent the Lunar New Year, a holiday traditionally associated with families gathering at their homes in the hospital.

The hospital also dragged the family to court on several occasions and in 2019 even waived demands for 1.26 million yuan ($195,000) in medical costs just to get them to leave.

They provided proof that Tian didn’t need any medical attention and could be discharged, arguing that he was occupying hospital resources that could be used to treat real patients.

However, last year Tian countersued the hospital alleging medical negligence, and the saga continued.

Last week, Judge Luo Shengli of the Beijing Xicheng District People’s Court ruled that Tian and his parents were to finally leave the hospital ward they had been squatting in for the past six years, but also that they were entitled to compensation from the hospital.

The family accepted the 480,000 yuan ($73,000) and agreed to finally move out of the ward. They were transported home in a hospital ambulance

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