Monday, January 4, 2021

Dame Joan Collins thinks her late sister was reincarnated as a fly

Dame Joan Collins thinks her late sister has been reincarnated as a fly.The 87-year-old actress believes her beloved sister Jackie – who died of cancer in 2015 – is her “guardian angel” and is convinced that a buzzing insect that she often sees nearby is her sibling keeping an eye out for her.


 Asked if she thinks Jackie watches over her, she said: “Yes, definitely, she’s my guardian angel.

“There’s this little tiny fly that appeared shortly after Jackie died and now comes around a lot, even when it’s very cold. It buzzes around me and I just have a feeling of her being there whenever it appears. I’m going to get mocked for that, but I don’t care.”

The former ‘Dynasty’ star also believes she and her fifth husband, Percy Gibson – who she has been married to for 18 years – knew one another in a previous life.

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