Monday, January 4, 2021

Comedian Ali Baba Shares Experience As He Recovers From Covid-19

 Veteran Nigerian comedian Alibaba in an Instagram post has shared his experience with coronavirus.


He shared the video on his page and reminded everyone of the need to continue to keep safe as Covid-19 is not a joke or scam as widely speculated by many Nigerians.

In the shared video, he sympathized with all those who have loved a lost one to the virus and also warned Nigerians about the second wave of Covid that has been reported to be deadlier than the first wave.

Reminding all to continue to wear their masks, he disclosed that he spent his Christmas in hospital and witnessed covid-related deaths.

Slamming those who believe covid-19 is not real, he advised that people should stay away from people with such mindsets as the virus is very much real.

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