Friday, January 22, 2021

Biden cancels Trump's restriction on Nigeria, Sudan, others .

 The travel ban place on nations like Nigeria, Eritrea, Yemen, and Sudan by the Donald Trump-led administration has been lifted by President Joe Biden, the recently-inaugurated leader of the United States.


 This is one of the 17 executive orders issued by President Biden just after the inaugural ceremony that installed his government.

Before this order, the president had forwarded a bill to Congress to completely change the country’s immigration system. 

The 46th US president was signing a flurry of executive orders, memorandums, and directives to agencies. 

With the executive orders, President Biden has stopped the funding for the construction of Trump's border wall. He had also reversed Trump's travel ban which largely targetted Muslim countries. Biden by his executive actions has also embraced progressive policies on the environment and diversity that former president Trump spent four years blocking. He also reversed several of Trump's attempts to withdraw from international agreements, beginning the process of rejoining the Paris climate accord and halting the United States' departure from the World Health Organization (WHO). -.

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