Tuesday, January 19, 2021

6-year-old kid becomes youngest CEO to have her products listed on top retail outfit .

 A kid in the US is well on her way to making business history in the coming years at the rate she is going. Lily Adeleye, according to Afrotech, becomes the youngest CEO to have her products featured on the shelves of a reputable retail store in the United States, Target. 


Unlike every other 6-year-old kid in the world that would probably be in nursery school learning how to read and write and definitely not running a business, Lily is in a class of her own. 

The young girl is into girly products such as dresses, hair bows, lunch boxes and backpacks. 

The child prodigy is a kidpreneur today thanks to business lessons she learnt from her mum Courtney Adeleye right before she turned 6. As early as age 3, Lily exhibited business savvy tendencies and her CEO mum, founder of the Black Haircare line, noticed this and helped brush her up to become what she is today. 

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