Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Silhouette of Argentine legend spotted in the sky days after his death .

 Diego Maradona may have passed on but his memory will linger a long time in the minds of football fans across the globe. 


The 60-year-old died of a suspected heart attack days after he was discharged from the hospital this month. While he was already recuperating well in his home country, he suffered a setback that caused his death at the end of the day. 

Although he has already been buried in a private event, a picture of the legend was spotted on Saturday, November 28 somewhere in the city of Parana. 

The picture of the 1986 World Cup winner was said to have appeared in the night sky as the shape of the 60-year-old was formed completely with his iconic number 10 jersey. And it was filmed by an Argentine woman named Natali Rios who said she thought the moon and clouds looked beautiful and she captured the image of the Napoli forward. The 26-year-old added that she recorded the footage after watching footage of Diego Maradona, 60, who passed earlier this month. 

the images showed what looked like a silhouette of Maradona created by the contrast of the night sky and the clouds. Some characteristics of Maradona were spotted in the silhouette with his hair and his iconic goal celebration captured in it. His famous number 10 was also seen momentarily just under the moon before the clouds move. Natali said she did not initially see the silhouette and was told by a friend after she posted the video on social media. However, she later said

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