Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Sad Story of a Philosopher Who Was Eaten by Dogs While Still Alive Dying A Painful Death

Heraclitus of Ephesus(535-475 BC) is a stubborn ancient Greek Philosopher. He believed that everything in the universe is in constant change.

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He did not become a philosopher by learning from other philosophers, it was self-taught. He came up with his ideas and preferred a few rulers who appeared to be wise according to him.

He despised democracy and crowds because he had a dim view of humanity. Heraclitus viewed wealth as a form of punishment and wished that his fellow Ephesians would be cursed with wealth for their sins.

Due to the hatred for humankind, he avoided people and wandered alone in the forests and mountains feeding on plants and the animals he could scavenge.

Diogenes Laertius, a biographer of the Greek Philosophers said, "Finally Heraclitus became a hater of his kind and roamed the mountains, and there he lived, making food from grass and herbs"

His lifestyle made him contract an ailment called dropsy, a painful condition that leads to accumulation of fluids under the skin.

Since he did not trust the competency of the doctors, he came up with his remedy. He decided to cover himself with cow dung thinking that the warmth that came from it will dry up the fluids.

He did that and waited to see if his experiment would heal him. In that state, he was not able to drive away dogs that came to attack him.

That's how he met his bizarre end since the dogs fed on him while still alive. He died at the age of sixty.

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