Sunday, December 6, 2020

Kamala Harris says her husband's title will be 'second gentleman,' but she'll 'call him honey'

 Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has confirmed that her husband, Douglas Emhoff, will be called the nation's "second gentleman" when she and President-elect Joe Biden take office in January.


Emhoff will become the nation's first male spouse of a vice president or president, as well as the first Jewish spouse of a vice president or president. Since there has never before been an official moniker for a male spouse of a vice president, some guessed that Emhoff could be known as the "second husband" or "second gentleman"

In an interview with CNN that aired on Thursday, anchor Jake Tapper asked Harris to verify how Americans should refer to Emhoff

Is he the second gentleman? Is he the second dude? What should we be calling him?" Tapper asked.

Harris responded, saying: "Well, I think that the term has evolved into the second gentleman."

"The second gentleman. OK," Tapper said. "I like second dude, but I will defer."

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