Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Cardi B Defends Her Decision To Buy A Bag Worth $88,000

 From changing her status from a former exotic dancer to a reality TV star and now a rapping sensation, Cardi B has made some major upgrades in her life and is living the life she once dreamed of.


The “WAP” hitmaker recently came under fire after she tweeted about her intention to buy a bag priced at $88,000.

The price is off the roof for the average person and even though celebrities are known to live a lavish lifestyle, $88,000 seems like a ridiculous sum to splash on a bag.

Messages quickly began flooding in that slammed Cardi for tweeting about spending thousands of dollars on a material good, while so many are struggling to make ends’ meet amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Following the backlash, the mother of one has been forced to defend her decision as she reminded everyone that she donated over $2 million this year in charity.

She reminded her followers of the fact that she donated $1 million to coronavirus relief in April, along with the 20,000 meal supplements she gave to New York-area medical staff during the pandemic. She also brought up her gifting of $1 million (total) to fans through CashApp in August.



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