Sunday, December 13, 2020

A man was arrested after he was seen walking the wing of an airplane just before takeoff in Las Vegas

A man who was seen walking, climbing, and taking off his shoes on the wing of an airplane at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas was arrested by local police on Saturday.


 The Alaska Airlines flight was set to take off for Portland, Oregon, when the unidentified man was seen on the wing of the plane by the pilot, who then warned the control tower.

Footage Of The Incident posted online shows the man sitting in the middle of the plane's wing. Another Video shows the man as kicked off his shoes and tried to go up the winglet-end of the wing- of the plane. In the video, passengers reacted when the man's climbing attempt failed and he fell hard off the wing of the plane.

A spokesperson for the airport said that the man was arrested and taken to a "medical facility" for treatment.

"Law enforcement was dispatched and able to apprehend the individual," Alaska Airlines told NBC News. "Our guests and employees are safe and we are working with law enforcement. The plane returned to the gate for a full inspection."

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