Tuesday, December 15, 2020

17-Year-Old Stabs Mother 118 Times Then Calls Police To Bring Body Bag

 A 17-year-old private school pupil Rowan Thompson attacked and killed his mum Joanna Thompson at her home in Hampshire.


The teenager strangled his 50-year-old mother in her living room shortly after they returned from a morning jog and around 10 or 15 minutes later, returned to brutally stab her 38 times to the forehead, 64 times to the neck, and 16 times to the arm.

At 12.45pm on 1 July last year, Rowan phoned the police and announced:

“I’ve just killed my mum … I strangled her and I’ve been stabbing her with various knives and whatnot.”

The police officer who arrested Thompson at the home said the teenager was “extremely calm and composed” and “seemed to be more concerned about his cat”. 

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