Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Why A Piece Of Bullet Is Still In 50 Cent's Tongue 20 Years After Being Shot 9 Times & Who's Behind

 Born on July 6th 1975, the 45 year old American rapper cum movie star and producer whose real name is Curtis Johnson is perhaps among the top mentors of millions of youth and 'hustlers' around the globe

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His success stories in the music, film and business industries are normally lauded and emulated by musicians, film producers as well as business enthusiasts all over.

From peddling dope in the streets of Queens, New York to taking the music industry by a storm in the early 2000 and currently making it big as a film producer and actor, 50 Cent is a true defition of a real hustler.

But did you know that 50 Cent still has a bullet fragment in his tongue 20 year after surviving 9 shots at the age of 25?

But sensing that 50 Cent had gone too far with his aggression in drug dealing and music and specifically with his song called 'Ghetto Qu'ran' which might've exposed him, Kenneth McGriff sought to have him silenced in May 2000.

McGriff who is currently serving a life sentence paid a guy named Darryl 'Hommo' Baum who pulled up on 50 when he was in a friend's car in front of his grandmother's house and opened fire on him.

50 Cent received 9 bullets on his hip, arm, hand, both legs, chest and left cheek and ended up spending two weeks in hospital.

One bullet that left a permanent mark on 50 Cent was that which caught his left cheekThe bullet took his teeth as it was making its way before splitting into fragments that got inside his mouth and cheek.One fragment landed on his tongue and drove itself inside making him have a swollen tongue and altering his speech.

The doctors who tended to him noted that removing the bullet fragment would've led to more harm than good and they said it would be better if it's left there.That's how he ended up having to live with the metal in his mouth all his life.

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