Friday, November 20, 2020

WHO warns against use of remdesivir for COVID-19 patients

 The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Friday warned  that the anti-viral drug Remdesivir should not be used for hospitalized COVID-19 patients, explaining  that trials have failed to prove that the treatment is effective.


WHO chief clinician Janet Diaz told a press conference from Geneva that there was no clear evidence that the use of remdesivir reduced the risk of death or the need for oxygen support.

Diaz said there was no clear effect on the pace of recovery among trial patients.

The WHO said in a statement that the possibility that remdesivir causes harm could also not be ruled out.

In addition, there are “relatively high cost and resource implications associated with remdesivir,” the WHO argued, pointing out that the drug must be injected into the bloodstream.

The WHO had already published interim trial results in the middle of October that pointed to the drug’s lack of effectiveness.

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