Friday, November 27, 2020

The Man Who Turned Himself into a Monster

The 41 year old has tattooed 80 per cent of his body, has eight subdermal piercings, has had his tongue split and his eyeballs tattooed. To cap it all, he has paid £400 to have two giant tusks fitted onto his bottom row of teeth.

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The Brazilian Orc after having tusks fitted to his teeth.

He now calls himself Orc and has undergone the body modifications to look like a fictional monster. Orc who is from the small Brazilian town of Iguatemi near the boarder with Paraguay says he got his first tattoo when he was just 15 and his first body modification at 35.

Talking to the Mail on line, Orc says he is just being himself and doing what he likes. He says what he does are all inspirations from his heart. He said he receives a lot of comments about his unusual appearance but admits that although he is proud of his unique looks, his family and friends are not quite so accepting.

" My mum doesn't like it", says Orc." My dad tolerates it and my friends find it weird".

But Orc says nothing is going to stop him from continuing with his love of tattoos and body modifications.

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