Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Curious Case Of The "Stone Baby"

 The Mandera County Referral Hospital last week had a patient with one of the most bizarre medical conditions ever recorded. Hawa Adan, an Ethiopian national, had an abdominal swelling that had lasted for over 13 years.

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 She had sought medical assistance from majority of Ethiopian hospitals but the visits proved futile. She decided to try her luck at Mandera County Referral Hospital.

After numerous C.T scans and X-rays, Hawa was diagnosed with lithopedion, also called "a stone baby".

Lithopedion happens when a pregnancy happens in the abdomen rather than the uterus. When the pregnancy fails, there is no way for the body to expel the uterus. As a result, the fetus calcifies on the outside as a mechanism of protecting the mother's body from its dead tissue.

However, this condition is very rare and only about 300 cases have been reported in over 400 years of medical literature. The condition is asymptomatic and can go for decades undetected.

Hawa had a successful operation to remove the stone baby and is currently recuperating. Below are some of the photos of the fetus removed.

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