Friday, November 20, 2020

Princess Haya paid her British bodyguard lover £1.2 million to keep quiet about their affair .


The wife of the ruler of Dubai paid her British bodyguard lover £1.2 million to keep quiet about their two-year affair and the luxury gifts she gave him including a £12,000 watch and vintage shotgun, Mail Online has been told.
Mail on line

Princess Haya, the sixth and youngest wife of billionaire Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, showered Russell Flowers with extravagant presents and insisted he accompany her wherever she went.

The two-year relationship was raised during the princess's bitter High Court hearing against her husband in London in which she won custody of their two children.

It also ended Flowers's four year marriage and left his wife 'devastated' by the betrayal and, for the first time, her friends have revealed how she found out about the affair.

They say she told them her former husband, 37, had been seduced by the 46-year-old princess, whose expensive presents included a £12,00 watch and a £50,000 vintage shotgun.

As part of his pay off, Flowers cannot speak about his time with the princess or anything he witnessed while working for the royal household. He refused to comment when contacted by MailOnline. 

A close friend of his wife told MailOnline: ‘Russell’s wife believed he was seduced by the money and gifts. She gave him lots of expensive gifts and made sure that he was always by her side.

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