Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Jennifer Lopez called out by Beyoncé fans after AMAs performance

Jennifer Lopez gave a steamy performance during the 2020 American Music Awards on Sunday night. However, it apparently didn't sit well with Beyonce fans, as many are coming at the pop music icon, claiming Lopez copied some of her looks from the star. 


Over the weekend, the 51-year-old actress and reality dance show judge took the stage with frequent collaborator Maluma, where the pair performed their hit songs “Pa’ Ti" and "Lonely" – records which appear on the soundtrack for their upcoming movie “Marry Me."

For the performance, Lopez donned a revealing catsuit and styled her short dirty blonde hair in a wet look.

The luscious charade also saw Lopez dancing around a chair as blue, black and red pyrotechnics beamed the stage – which didn’t exactly sit well with members of the “Beyhive” who called her out for allegedly cramping the style Beyoncé displayed during her performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards where she performed “Drunk in Love.”

Meanwhile, a source closely connected to Lopez took exception to the loose Twitter claims calling Lopez a copycat.

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