Friday, November 13, 2020

Italy hits high of nearly 41,000 virus cases


Italy hit a new high of nearly 41,000 coronavirus cases on Friday.The regions of Campania and Tuscany were designated red zones, signaling the dire condition of a hospitals struggling with new admissions.


Italy’s new cases reached 650 per 100,000 Italians. Densely populated Campania, which includes Naples, had 4,079 cases. That's the third-highest daily total behind Lombardy with 10,634 and Piedmont with 5,258, both of which have been red zones since last week. Tuscany added 2,478 cases.

Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris told The Associated Press that ‘’the health system is under massive pressure and on the verge of collapse.’’

Italy has confirmed 1.1 million coronavirus cases. The country reported 550 deaths on Friday, bringing the known death toll to more than 44,000.

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