Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Fisherman Has Live Fish Stuck In His Throat In Odd Accident

 A fisherman nearly lost his life last month after he had a fish stuck in his windpipe.The bizarre accident left the fisherman with speaking difficulties and shortness of breath as he was rushed to the emergency room of a hospital in Beni Suef, Egypt.


When doctors examined him, they were left shocked when it was noticed that the fish was stuck at the entrance to the trachea, leaving just enough space for a little air to get through and prevent the man from suffocating before even reaching the hospital.

On how the fish got there in the first place, the 40-year-old fisherman from the village of Snur, on the banks of the Nile, explained to doctors that he had just caught a small fish when he noticed that the line of another fishing rod was pulling.

In a bid not to let his second catch get away, he quickly put the first fish in his mouth so he could free up his hands…

The live, slippery fish managed to wiggle its way out of the man’s bite and got stuck in his throat.

Thankfully, there was just enough space for air to get in through, which kept the fisherman alive until he was transported to the hospital.

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