Friday, November 20, 2020

Davido talks about how why he's not prepared to pay for collaborations

 Nigerian superstar Davido stopped by “The Dotty Show” on Apple Music 1 recently where he spoke about the pitfalls of flying economy, his joy at finally securing his Instagram handle, going to school with Oritse Williams of JLS and why he's not prepared to pay for collaborations - even if Stevie Wonder asked.


Commenting on what he would go if Stevie Wonder asked for money for a collaboration, the “Assurance” hitmaker said, “Listen, let me tell you. With Stevie, okay, Stevie Wonder's a legend, of course.

“If he met me, he wouldn't do it. He would want to do it off the jump. But with labels, there's always maybe a little fee, like some lawyer fee, lawyer fees and stuff like that to get the paperwork done.

“But outside of that, nah, we not doing none of that… Yo, right now, I'm charging American artists for songs. I am.

“I'm charging American artists for songs right now. Two American artists done pay me $70 000 (R1 million) for a verse”. 

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