Friday, November 27, 2020

Asylum-seeking school pupil who claims to be 15 but is BALDING and 'looks 40' disappears from lessons after half-term

A school pupil who claims to be 15 but looks 40 and has a receding hairline has disappeared from classes after October half-term, parents claimed today.

Daily Mail 

Parents at the school in Coventry previously expressed doubts about the asylum-seeking student, who is said to have moved to the UK from Gambia, West Africa. 

The Home Office launched an 'urgent investigation' into the matter after the city council wrote to parents to reassure them about the situation. 

The school also said it has been able to verify the pupil's age, but did not explain how – further fuelling concerns about the balding male.

Worried parents are now claiming that the pupil has not returned to classes since the October half-term, according to the Metro. 

One parent said:  'The general feeling among parents is that they are bemused and untrusting. Parents have been told that sharing images of children is wrong and is a form of bullying, they've not been told what action was taken.'  

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