Sunday, October 4, 2020

“World’s Hottest Grandma” Celebrates Her 50th Birthday

Dubbed the ‘world’s hottest gran,’ Gina Stweart recently celebrated her 50th birthday two months after she underwent cryotherapy to “rejuvenate” her body.


Gina uses freeze therapy to maintain her youthful look and has gained a huge following on Instagram.

To celebrate her landmark age, she stayed at the five-star Sheraton Grand Resort Hotel with her two daughters.

Stewart who came in at 12th place after she was in the running for the coveted Miss Maxim Australia 2018, told Daily Mail Australia,

“Being a grandma doesn’t mean you have to wear the floral granny undies, I’m not hanging up my sexy lingerie just yet.”

It is gathered that she stays away from cofee and alcohol to maintain her looks.

She is scared of needles and as a result steers clear of botox instead, she douses herself in rosehip oil and eats a protein-rich diet.

She usually eats eggs to kickstart for breakfast and enjoys rye cracker, cottage cheese and avocado for lunch. For dinner, she eats either chicken, fish or turkey mince with salad or beans, broccoli and sweet potato.

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