Thursday, October 22, 2020

Miley Cyrus Was Either 'Chased Down' By UFO Or Had Too Much 'Weed Wax'

If extraterrestrial beings were ever to make contact, they could certainly do a lot worse when it comes to earthlings than Miley Cyrus.


.The pop star revealed that she once had a close encounter of the peak Miley kind after being “chased down” by a UFO while traveling through Southern California with a friend.

 Or, you know, maybe it was the “weed wax” she admittedly bought from a “guy in a van” beforehand.

Cyrus said that perhaps the most unsettling part of the encounter was locking eyes with the being piloting the UFO.

The “Midnight Sky” singer went on to add that a “couple of other cars” witnessed the event, too, which, in her mind, is more than enough evidence that what she “saw was real.”

As for her general thoughts about life beyond Earth, Cyrus said believing humans are the only beings in the entire universe is a “form of narcissism.”