Friday, October 9, 2020

Lady gushes over lover who stayed with her through cancer and leg amputation .

 A young lady recently crept into the hearts of thousands after she shared a heartfelt boyfriend appreciation post on Facebook. Moletsane Lerato shared how her boyfriend, Tertius Montsioa, stuck with her through some of the hardest times in her life.


 The touching post explained that he was with her when she was diagnosed with cancer, he also remained by her bedside during lengthy hospital stays. She went on to share that even though they met while she still had two legs, he continued to love her when one of them got amputated. 

She wrote: "He loved me when I had two legs. He loved me when my knee started giving me problems. He loved me when I used to overdose with painkillers to try and numb the pain. He used to carry me around when my leg stopped working in the middle of the road. "He loved me before cancer. He loved me when cancer was chowing me alive. He loved me through out all my hospital visits. He loved me through all my operations. He used to visit me every single time in hospital, my sickness never bothered him." 

She also included beautiful pictures of herself and her bae on a lovely date which she described as her favourite date of all the dates she's been on. Meanwhile, Facebook users were left truly touched by her touching post, leaving all sorts of supportive messages beneath the post.

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