Wednesday, September 16, 2020

This CIA Source Shared Everything He Knew About What Really Happened In Area 51

For decades, Area 51 has been associated with UFO sightings and government cover-ups. Such rumors have only been fuelled by the relative silence of U.S. officials
. However, in recent years former intelligence agent Thornton “T.D.” Barnes has finally come clean on what really went on behind the secret facility’s gates.

In his opinion piece for Fox News, Barnes looked back at his time working in Area 51. Of his stint at the military base, the veteran wrote, “During all these years of radar tracking and working with astronauts, test pilots and military pilots, not once did I ever think that I’d seen, nor did I ever hear a pilot say that he or she had seen, an alien spacecraft.”
Continuing to pour scorn on the rumors of extraterrestrial life in the military facility, Barnes added, “The Facebook warriors, thinking that they will find aliens at Area 51 are ludicrous – there is no basis for their thinking so whatsoever. They have no smoking gun… There are no and have never been aliens or extraterrestrial craft at Area 51, period!”
To this day, what happens in Area 51 is still strictly confidential. It’s thought that more than 1,000 people work at the site, which may still operate as a training and testing center. However, while the history of the mysterious complex has now come to light, as long as what happens there remains shrouded in secrecy, it seems likely that it will remain a fascination of conspiracy theorists.

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