Monday, September 7, 2020

Security man's life changes after his degree, gets big promotion .

Ayomide Babalola-Mr Flow on Facebook, he said he first met Idris in 2015 at a bank branch he worked at. He added that the first thing that drew him to the man was the way he appeared smart and his signature military-like salute.

A few months after they met, Idris requested to see Babalola as he informed him that he is an OND holder and is about to finish his university degree program which he was running on a part-time basis. 
Four years after in 2019 as one of the bank workers was promoted to a higher role and moved to another department, Idris came calling, saying that he is qualified for the position the person just left. The man said that his words moved him as he recalled that one of the initiatives he introduced at the bank was to make sure that all security guards were part of all daily meetings. Within a week, an aptitude interview test was scheduled for Idris which he passed and an offer letter came in days after. Babalola shared two pictures on his Facebook. One showed him with Idris on the last day as a security man on Friday and in the other, he was pictured with the man as he started his new office role. 

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