Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Rome Airport Earns the First COVID-19 5-Star Airport Rating

At one point earlier this year, Italy was the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic as the entire country came to a halt. Forget travel; even its own citizens were on lockdown.
.Now Italy is ready to show the world its startling turnaround, starting with visitors’ arrival.

Rome's Fiumicino Airport – also known as Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport – has become the first airport in the world to earn "the COVID-19 5-Star Airport Rating" from Skytrax, an international airport industry ratings body.
In a release from Skytrax, the organization said it based its rating on "a combination of procedural efficiency checks, visual observation analysis and ATP sampling tests."
On September 1, the airport opened a 7,000-square-foot COVID-19 testing center, which is co-managed with the Italian Red Cross. Skytrax said the airport scored points for having easy-to-read signage in multiple languages, strict enforcement of mask-wearing, visibly present cleaning staff and efficiency thanks to the consolidation of all incoming and outgoing flights to a single terminal for easier tracking.

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