Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Rapper Tay Way Killed After Sharing His Location On Social Media

 American rapper Tay Way was shot dead in Richmond, California last week minutes after he shared his location on social media.

The Guardian 

Tay Way, 29, whose birth name is Lamonta Butcher was walking down a street in Richmond Friday noon when the shooter or shooters opened fired from a moving car, two other people were injured in the shooting.

He had just posted a video of himself standing outside of a liquor store on 4th Street and Macdonald Avenue and was shot just minutes later, the East Bay Times reported.

The rapper added the lyrics, “Been so long we still out here bruh, you feel me? Same hood, same turf,” as he panned the camera across the intersection. The video did not show street signs, but the building has a distinct red and light yellow paint job that makes it easily identifiable.

In February, rapper Pop smoke, aka Bashar Barakah Jackson, was shot and killed in a Hollywood Hills home invasion after posting a package that showed his address.

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