Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Meet The Swimmer Girl With Half A Bod

There are some stories about people that you would read, and it would instantly get you inspired. Sometimes we always have to be greatful, and be thankful to God. We have to stop complaining about little things, because there are people we are better than. There are people that wish to be like you, still yet they live happily.

Qian Hongyan is a beautiful girl from China, she had a serious accident and lost her 2 legs in the process. The doctors had no other choice than to cut her legs, they had them amputated to save her life, thank fully she survived. She started using a basketball to move around, despite being given a prostetic leg.

In 2007 she started involving her self in swimming, due to her sudden interest in it. She is only able to move the upper part of her body, despite her disability she has won alot of awards.

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