Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Meet the guy who makes money from sleeping in hotels

Alex Shannon goes around the world to sleep in hotels and then, reviews them.
Meet Alex Shannon, the guy who makes money from sleeping in hotels. [theluxuryeditor]
Alex Shannon takes Luxury Travel to a whole different level. Meet the guy who makes money from sleeping in hotels

Originally from London and living in L.A., Alex Shannon is an Instagram Luxury Influencer with a career in editorial, copywriting and social media at various fashion brands. From working in that sect, he built a career in literally travelling and lounging in luxury! This is the basis for his Follow The Nap brand today.
He speaks to The Luxury Editor about what a typical day in his life is like: "If I’m traveling, no two days are the same so I won’t even try to describe that in detail, but it’s usually a mixture of freelance work, shooting content and trying to experience wherever I am as much as possible. If I’m at home, I’m usually working from home, catching up with friends and definitely enjoying a catnap or two with my cat (she’s the best nap buddy ever)."

Out of all the places he's had the luxury to wake up at, Amangiri in Utah blew him away. The scenery, according to Shannon, is beautiful and everything about the resort—from the service to the actual rooms—is close to perfect. Second to that is the Al Maha in Dubai with the sheer craziness of opening your eyes to a vast expanse of desert.

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