Monday, September 14, 2020

Maajabu! This Baby Was Born 'Pregnant' With Her Own Twins

In Hong Kong, China, a baby was born with this condition. It shook doctors, and they suspected that she had a tumor in her stomach. However, doctors examined her and noted that while she was growing in her mother's womb, her twin siblings were also growing inside her.
She had apparently absorbed them and that was why they were in her instead  in their mother's womb.
Surgeons gave her three weeks and then performed a surgery on her. Two tiny babies were found in her stomach! The tiny babies were both between her liver and her kidney.  It was a strange encounter for the doctors. Researchers said that the mother was supposed to be carrying triplets, but for some reason, two of them were absorbed in the remaining baby's body. The two foetuses then survived on the one baby's blood.

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