Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Goat Invades Police Car, Chews Paperwork And Headbutts Officer

A Georgia police officer got more than what she bargained for after a goat invaded her car and proceeded to eat the paperwork and eventually headbutting the officer.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office shared the video of the encounter on Facebook. According to the post, an unidentified police officer was serving civil papers at a residence when the incident happened.
She had left the car door open. The Sheriff’s office explained that she made a habit of keeping the door ajar because she’s routinely chased away from homes by angry dogs and occasionally requires speedy access to her cruiser.
She dashed for the car, and repeatedly nudged the goat from the front seat while trying to rescue the documents from its mouth. The goat spilt a drink in the process.
When the animal finally exited the vehicle, it knocked her to the ground with its head.
The sheriff’s office said that the officer wasn’t injured.

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