Monday, August 31, 2020

World’s Most Expensive Sheep Auctions At £367,500

A sheep has been bought for £367,500 (₦188,584,142.44) at an auction, the price makes it the most expensive sheep to have ever been sold.
Pedigree Texel ram lamb Double Diamond was sold to three farmers at the Scottish National Texel Sale in Lanark on Thursday.
The opening bid was £10,000, with Charlie Boden and his family from their Sportsman’s flock in Stockport, Greater Manchester, pocketing the final bid.
According to Sky News, one of the buyers, Jeff Aiken, flock manager at Procters Farm said that a lot of breeders had their eye on Double Diamond as he was a “special animal”
Aiken accepted £367,500 was ‘an obscene amount of money to pay for a sheep’ and ‘should not be a reflection on the farming community’.

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