Sunday, August 23, 2020

Throw back: Tahlia Paris Cyber Girl Asstastic Stripdown

Tahlia Paris let it all hang out in this photoshoot for Playboy Plus. I mean you see EVERYTHING. She starts out in a black boustier that ordinarily would have been enough to satisfy. Then she gets completely naked and the real fun begins
. She's got a mammoth pair of knockers with slightly upturned nipples. I've always like upturned nipples. They just look perky and happy to me. Then she turns around and we see one of the best booties I've seen in a long while. That thing should be studied by scientists for its perfection. If there is such a thing as an ass scientist, they should use her butt to calibrate their instruments.
Being Playboy you also see everything else too, but in a tasteful way. They are all about class there at the mansion.

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