Thursday, August 13, 2020

This Grandmother Stole £2 Million Worth Of Goods Over 45 Years

59-year-old Kim Farry is nicknamed UK’s Shoplifting Queen after she stole products worth £2million in 45 years.

Farry who served time for theft is also dubbed the ‘UK’s most prolific shoplifter’.
The grandmother of 10 is now on a new path as she has been leading virtual fitness classes, helping people lose weight and addiction workshops to help hundreds of people cope since coronavirus lockdown.
She has previously been turned down for work as an escort because of her criminal record but she is now “changing lives with her new work.
In a TV documentary in 2016, the mum was refused to work at one escort agency in London because of her criminal record.
She hopes the work will “finally give her a break in life” as she’s become “heartbroken” at desperately trying to change her image.
Admitting that she loved the money she made as a criminal, the former cleaner has vowed never to return to her old ways.

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