Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Strange Restroom Request That Prince Charles Makes To His Staff

 Prince Charles, for one, allegedly has a very bizarre request of his staff, and it has to do with his time in the bathroom.

We might expect that Charles’ household staff would help him with the chores that the rest of us have to do. After all, you wouldn’t expect to see the Prince of Wales making his bed or loading the dishwasher. Though his team apparently has much more responsibility than that. Indeed, even for a future king, it’s quite a lot to ask.

After all, most people prefer to keep their bathroom dealings private. And most morning routines don’t require help; we roll out of bed, brush our teeth and get dressed without a personal assistant. But Charles has a full cohort of staff ready to make his waking hours as pain-free as possible, and that’s precisely what they do

The man who made claims about Charles’ strange morning routine was a confidant of the future king’s ex-wife Princess Diana called Paul Burrell. He also worked as a butler and had close ties to the royal family – giving him a better idea of what happens behind closed doors.

And Paul spilled all in an Amazon Prime documentary called Serving the Royals: Inside the Firm. He detailed what he claims is Charles’ morning routine – which encompasses the expected, the understandable and the outlandish.

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