Monday, August 31, 2020

The Queen is moving out of Buckingham Palace

Big changes are happening in the royal world, as it's been revealed that Queen Elizabeth won't return to Buckingham Palace as her royal residence "for the foreseeable future".
BP has always been the Queen's primary residence, being a working palace where the monarch spends most of her time, but the decision has been made to make Windsor Castle her base until the coronavirus threat has passed.
As reported in The Times over the weekend, the Queen would usually return to Buckingham Palace in October following her summer holiday in Balmoral, Scotland. But this year, she'll be heading straight back to Windsor, where she and prince phillip have been isolating along with a small bubble of staff since the pandemic unfolded back in March.
Queen Elizabeth will "continue working from Windsor and is understood to be keen on commuting into London for engagements and events at Buckingham Palace, if it is considered safe for her to do so," reads the report by royal correspondent Roya Nikkhah. As Her Majesty left Buckingham Palace in March this year, and likely won't return until next year at the earliest, it's believed to be the longest period in her 68-year reign that she's spent away from her primary residence.

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