Thursday, August 20, 2020

Singer Killed By Train While Live-Streaming Himself To His Followers

A Romanian singer was hit and killed by a train while live-streaming himself to his followers as he listened to loud music in his car in the city of Ploiesti, in Romania’s Prahova County.

29-year-old Tavy Pustiu was bopping to pop-folk ‘manele’ music with his wife behind the wheel when a train smashed into the passenger side of the car.
n the clip, the woman, 24, can be seen looking left and right as she approaches the crossing – but she clearly fails to spot the speeding locomotive.
Moments later, Mr Pustiu lets out a terrified shout as he notices the train racing towards the car.
The train ploughed into the side of the white Ford Fiesta, ripping the roof off the vehicle and destroying the passenger side where the musician had been sat. Images from the aftermath also show how both airbags activated in the impact and the windshield was completely crumpled.
Authorities in Prahova County confirmed Mr Pustiu was killed in the accident while his wife, who was not named, remains in a critical condition. She is said to be fighting for her life at Prahova County Hospital.

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