Friday, August 7, 2020

She Is 71 Years Old But Looks Like A 20 Years Old Lady

Meet Vera Wang, the 71 year old model who looks like a 20 year old lady. Vera wang is an exceptional woman with age defying body physique. It's very rare to see a 71 year old woman that would still be in good shape as Vera Wang.
Lots of women undergo several body modification surgeries to look young but ended up having negative deformation of their body physique.
Vera wang was born in 1949. Vera started out as a model but after she graduated from the university, she was hired to be an editor at vogue magazine. She later started her own fashion company after working for Vogue magazine for 17 years. Her involvement in the fashion industry was what motivated her to keep up with her health and maintain a good physique.
However, many people believe that Vera Wang usually undergo a routine cosmetic surgery to maintain her looks because it's impossible for a 71 year old woman to have a wrinkle free skin. See more of her pictures below.
It's incredible to see a 71 year old woman look this young but I'm sure Vera Wang has her secrets. Vera Wang currently has two daughters and they look exactly alike. Vera Wang is naturally blessed and she probably still has many fruitful years ahead.

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