Friday, August 7, 2020

See recent photos of both the great Khali and the CWE wrestling academy he founded in India.

Dalip Singh Rana who we all know as the great Khali is a professional wrestler, actor and founder of the continental wrestling entertaimment.
Even though he became famous as a wrestler in 2006 after a WWE debut, the great Khali started wrestling in 2000 and used to be an Indian police officer

He was the first Indian to be signed to the WWE and also the first Indian to win the World heavyweight championship title.
His active years in WWE were between 2006 and 2014 even though he has made surprise appearances in Battleground 2017 and Royal rumble 2018.
The great Khali is the founder of the continental Wrestling Entertainment in Punjab, India.
It is an academy that trains aspiting wrestlers and entertains viewers.
The CWE has belts for several categories such as the CWE heavyweight championship title which the great Khali himself has won twice
Notable names of wrestlers from the CWE includes Raja, Shany Singh(who mirrors the great Khali), Raghu Dev, the giant wonder, Awesh and the real sangman.
What the CWE is doing is to give the burgeoning number of Indian WWE fans an Indian feel of wrestling ..

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