Sunday, August 16, 2020

Police hold Kano man who locked 30-year-old son in car garage for 7 years

Ahmed Aminu, was 23 years old when his father and stepmother decided to cage him in an unused garage like an animal. For seven years, lived in the small space and in solitary confinement.

Gone was his freedom. Freedom to eat, play and work as he might desire.
He had no idea of what went around him even though what served as his shelter was located right there in his father’s  home, located at Farawa Baban Layi Mariri quarters, Kumbotso local government area – a suburb of Kano metropolis.
Most times Aminu would be forgotten, and without food and water for days.
Sometimes, he took his own urine to quench his thirst and his faeces as food.
Now 30 years old, Aminu was all skeleton when the police in Kano rescued him on Thursday.

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