Friday, August 7, 2020

"People called me Ape" - The young lady with the werewolf syndrome who married at age 17

Sumatra Susuphan was born with a rare syndrome called (Ambras syndrome) ), it is a form of syndrome that causes excessive body-hair growth, it is also called the Werewolf Syndrome.

Her face is covered in hair and this made people called her a primate who has escaped the jungle.

As a result of her disorder, she was ostracized from the society.

Despite her different appearance and social isolation, her parent still care for her as they never abandon her.

Sumatra said they cared for her more than they cared for her sister. And with this, her sister wasn’t jealous of the loving attention she was getting from their parent.

A doctor recommended that she should go for a laser treatment.

She did the treatment as recommended, but even after having the laser treatment, her facial hair growth didn’t stop.

As Sumatra is getting older, she stopped bothering about her rare disorder.

She came out of her social isolation, started making more friends. Life became normal for her and she wasn't an object of mockery for people any more.

Reports claim there are only 50 people in this world who suffers from the same disease. And because it’s so rare, there is no proper treatment for it.

Sumatra was later seen as a subject of inspiration, she began to live her normal and wasn't remorseful.

Sumatra started shaving her excess hair growth in her body because of the physical discomfort she was experiencing.

When she was younger, she was bullied by other children for the hair on her face. She was called different names.

After so many years she decided to start shaving her facial hair regularly.

When she was at the tender age of 17, she met the love of her life. Although she was quite young, she was clear that this was the very person whom she would spend the rest of her life with. With strong determination and support from her family and friends, she took the marital plunge and tied the knot.
People called me monkey" -
The young lady with the werewolf syndrome who married at age 17.

Sumatra is now happily married, she is a mother of a child.

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