Thursday, August 13, 2020

Nigerian lady born in UK narrates how she became Obasanjo's PA .

A Nigerian lady born in the UK, Aminat Sule, has narrated how she became Nigeria's former president Olusegun Obasanjo's self-appointed PA.
She said that before she had an encounter with Obasanjo, she had always wanted to be the youngest first female foreign affairs minister for Nigeria, a dream that seemed tall considering the fact that she was born in the UK. 
According to her, shortly after being unable to continue her TV programme because of a lack of funds, she learned from a friend that the ex-president will be hosted in the country by Chatham House for an event called Re-Writing Politics to Africa’s Advantage. Aminat added that at the event, she made sure she sat in the front where he can see her as she made eye contact with the former president all through. Just when co-panelists were coming to him for photos during a break, she stormed the stage, bravely stopped it all by saying: “No more pictures! Can we get him into a private room, with a glass of water? In 10 minutes he’ll resume to discuss matters and entertain the press.” 
Obasanjo was stunned by her audacity, as he asked who her father was. To that, she replied: “My father isn’t anyone you know. He’s just a normal Nigerian citizen who relocated to the UK for a better life.” 
She seized the opportunity of that brief conversation and said: "...well I’m your new PA. I’m going to serve you.”. And that was how she became his PA. 

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