Friday, August 7, 2020

Meet the world's tallest professional model with the longest female legs in the world

Ekaterina Lisina is a former basketball player now a professional model. She holds two titles on the Guinness book of records, the record for the woman with the longest legs and the record for the tallest professional model in the world, born on the 15th of October 1987.
At Penza, Oblast to a Russian couple, Viktor Lisin and Galing Lisin.
 Ekaterina Lisina's tall body, started developing at a very young age and expected outcome as her parents are both very tall. Her parents once said that as a newborn, they noticed that her legs were longer than that of her mates. This trend continued all through her childhood Ekaterina Lisina once recounted how some of her mates at school made fun of her.
At home, she received normal attention and care, but outside her home she was always the central of attraction as people on the streets would always stop to stare at her, which is not strange as she was 6 foot 6 tall at the age of 16.
At the age of 15 Ekaterina Lisina started playing Basketball. Her height undoubtedly gave her a lot of advantage over other players on the pitch. She represented her nation in the 2006 Basketball World Cup, where she earned herself a silver medal. Two years later, she also represented her nation at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, where she got an Olympic Bronze medal.
 In 2014, Ekaterina later left her Basketball career to go into professional modeling, which she always wanted to do. She once shared that she wasn't confident in her physical appearance while growing up. She said she never taught she looked attractive as she had an athletic body. She said that she started seeing herself as an attractive person at the age of 24 when, in her words, she learnt that tall is attractive. She owns her own modeling agency named World tallest models.

 In 2018, the Guinness book of records featured her as the woman with the longest legs and the tallest professional model.With a height of 2.06m she weighs 90 kg, she is also said to have the largest foot in Russia.

She explained that one of the reasons she became a model and a Guinness world records holder was because she wanted to encourage others with similar physical traits to develop confidence in their physical appearance.

Ekaterina's height has brought her a lot of opportunities and privileges, as she once said that, because of her long legs, she walks faster than many, but these advantages do not come without disadvantages like the difficulties she face, while looking for pants or the right shoe that size her sitting in a Car or even sitting on a standard airplane.

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