Monday, August 31, 2020

Meet the Chicken that Lived for 18 Months after his Head had been Cut-Off

Miracle Mike also known as "Mike The Headless Chicken" was a Wyandotte Breed that lived for 18months after his head was been cutoff. Mike was given the name Miracle Mike after he escaped death on 10th September, 1945.
Miracle Mike was a Male Chicken from the Species of Galius domesticus and the breed of Wyandotte. He Was hatched on the 20th of April, 1945 and owned by Iloyd Olsen.
On a faithful day recorded as 10th September 1945, a farmer by name Iloyd Olsen has made preparations to eat supper with his family as he was sent out by his wife to get a chicken from the yard so a delicious meal could be prepared using the Chicken.

Iloyd Olsen went to the yard and made his choice of a Five-and-a-half-month-old Mike who was a breed of Wyandotte. So Olsen using his axe to cutoff Mike's Head, the axe successfully removed the bulk of the head.

But unfortunately, it missed Mike's Jugular Vein, leaving One ear and the most of the brain sterm intact. So due to the failure of the Jugular been removed, Mike was still able to balance on a perch and also walk clumsily, it was such a miracle to be given as a name also.

Olsen seen it that mike refused to die, had a Change of heart and decided to take care of it, Mike then had little difficulties because he has no head. He was unable to preen, peck for food, and also crow. Even when he crow, with limited success, his "Crowing" consisted of a gurgling sound made in his throat.

As a means for Mike to be feed, Olsen got an idea of feeding Mike with some mixture of Milk and Water via an eyedropper and also gave him small grains of corn and worms.

Due to the mystery of Mike's Survival, the name Miracle was been added to his name, known as Miracle Mike. He also made his fame and earned money in US Dollars like $4,500 per month which is today $51,500 and Miracle Mike was also valued at $10,000.

He also appeared in so many Sideshows, Photographed also for dozens of Magazines and Papers and he also featured in Time and Life Magazines. Miracle Mike made a very good fame and also earned money for his owner (Ilyode Olsen)

The Miracle Chicken was recorded dead on March 1947 while traveling back from a tour. Mike dead when the had a stopover at a Motel in Phoenix while journeying back concluded tour. It happened when Mike Started Choking in the middle of the night, and could not take in enough air so it could breathe, so Mike Choked to death.

It was a sad death because the Olsens could not save the dieing Mike due to the fact that his feeding and cleaning Syrings was left behind at the Sideshow. Even when a kernel of corn was given to him which he managed to get in his throat added nothing, so he gave up.

That was how Miracle Mike was lost, a great Miracle Chicken that refused death. Although he dead but his Legacy went on, his fame went round.

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