Saturday, August 15, 2020

Meet the baby who's body is made of 'glass'

The formation of bones is normally enhanced by enough presence of iron and calcium in the mother's diet during pregnancy. However, these same bones might break especially when pressure is applied to them
.But did you know that there's a condition that causes one's bones to break just by touching them?wanna know more about it,read the article below.

Meet Zoe, the 8 year old suffering from OESTOGENESIS IMPERFECTA, a condition which causes her bones to break at the slightest of touch or just break by themselves. It is a condition that only affects 1 in every 15,000 in every births and its severeness defers from one person to another.

The disease is commonly caused by a genetic mutation and affects the growth and formation of bones and has nothing to do with luck of calcium as most people would assume.In her own words,Carla her mother says that her pregnancy was just okay till it got to a point where broken bones were spotted in the infants body from the ultra scan while she was still in the womb.

Doctors however recommended an abortion and even claimed that the baby wouldn't be able to make it past birth but all in all they rejected this idea and were even happier when she beat all the odds and was taken home after some Months.

She has however undergone through lots of surgeries because people with this condition often suffer from acute and Cronic pain which may cause cervical kyphosis, a condition which reverses the bone of the spine to curve inwards instead of curving on the inside and for this reason, she has had a neckbrace just from the time she was diagnosed with the cervical kyphosis.

Despite all these, the she's a regular 8 year old who likes playing, asking lots of question, visits the playground and even goes to her speech therapist who's currently helping her pronounce some words. Even though she does all these,her parents have medications which they carry with them all the time incase she has another fracture and has been taught how to apply it.

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